Concept & Design

What is the cost per square foot?

It depends on many factors as each project’s features are different. We do not have a set price per sq.feet as the rate can vary dramatically based on the design, specifications, and complexities of the project. Once we have an initial meeting with the client, we analyze and prepare a detailed budget. Usually, a high-end luxury house costs anywhere from $250 to $325 per sq. foot. Please speak with one of our team members to get an obligation free quote.

What services do A&R Development group offers for a luxury homes space?

We offer a price that involves designing, selections, finishes, etc that allows you to move into the finished home. There are no hidden charges – everything from drawings to final touches is included.

Will you design house that is specific to the neighbourhood?

Yes, we do. During the initial consultation, our team visit the client site to get a feel for the neighbourhood and project. Then we discuss with the client what design might be better in the neighbourhood. With client inputs, we will provide a concept design for clients approval. During this process, everything we do is custom-designed and built to suit the site and client’s needs, there are no repeat or standard designs.

What type of material do you use?

We work with customers during the design process and select material and finishes to fits our customer’s tastes and needs. We work closely with many reputable companies to purchase high-quality material that we use in our construction. Also, our material varies depends on the type of house we built. For example, our selection is completely different, and the use of innovative modern design for modern/Californian types of homes different than the traditional homes. During the selection process, the client’s input is the single most important consideration before we finalize the design. Whether it is a traditional, semi-modern, or innovative modern design, our team is experienced across all designs and styles and will custom design to suit client needs and tastes.

Can you make sure there is lots of storage built into my new house?

Of course. We understand the needs of lots of storage space without compromising living space. Our expert design team always tries to maximize storage space in each of our projects eg., Overhead kitchen cabinets, under kitchen island, cabinets in master and other bedroom closets, etc.

Can you change design in the middle of construction?

We understand clients may choose different styles or designs in the middle of construction. Certainly, we try to accommodate the client’s wishes (ex. changing closets design, paint colors, ceiling design). However, in some cases it is no possible (ex. adding an elevator, changing exterior design or material already delivered). In any case, our design team and project manager can sit with the client and discuss all options before we proceed.

I want to make sure our house suits our needs not just now, but for the future. How do we make the design last?

Our design team puts a lot of thought during the designing stage to ensure there is functionality in your home. For example, creating a theater room in the basement can be converted into a gym later if you decided to modify it after a few years.

Do you offer an Interior Design service?

Yes. This is standard in our contract. You will be provided support from our experienced interior designer during your selection process. We do understand that not all clients may have experience in the selection process. So our designing team always gives you recommendations based on the type of home and current trends. Once the client agrees we build the house accordingly.

Building Process:

Who do I speak to if I have problems during the building process?

Each of our projects has a dedicated project manager, who will look after your job until we give keys for your occupancy. You can reach out to either the project manager or our customer support team. We also arrange site meetings where you can discuss any aspect of the build with your project manager or site supervisor. All of our team members are familiar with each job so whoever answers the phone when you call, knows who you are.

What do I do if I have problems with my house once you have finished the build?

We offer 7 years Tarion warranty. Please refer our customer service page where we explained our 7 years warranty and how you can communicate with us in case if you have any issues once your job finished.

How long will it take to build a custom designed house?

It depends on many factors including what is included in the contract, where the site located, how complex the designs the customer wants, weather, etc. In general, permits takes anywhere from 3 to 6 months (Toronto and Oakville take longer compared to the Durham region). Once we have a permit, it usually takes around 12 months.

How can I speed the process up?

Often projects are delayed due to delays in 1) Funding 2) Weather 3) Customer takes too long to provide their selections. We always encourage clients to start researching from day one and thinking about what you like in terms of finishes including paint colors, tiles, plumbing fixtures, flooring, door styles, etc. Also, discuss in advance if you have any issues or concerns so that we can guide you in expediting the process. Also when there is any change in design do not wait until the last minute to discuss with our design team as soon as you can.

Can I meet the trades on site to discuss my project?

We always encourage our customers to discuss with the design team first. If needed we are happy to arrange a meeting with our trades. By doing this there will not be any miscommunication between all parties.