We take pride in working on each project. Each custom home we built is a one-of-a-kind design. When we begin a new custom home design, we work closely with one of the top architects and interior designers to design exclusively to suit the neighborhood and, more importantly, the needs of our clients. We design and build spacious family & living rooms where friends and family gather, while our rich gourmet kitchens and spacious dining rooms for a family get together and memorable formal occasions. We’re here to help you through the design and build process – every step of the way. Once we finalized the design and features, there are no hidden charges or costs or surprises. There will be a change to the initial agreed price only if the customer wants to make any changes to the existing design or material. For your peace of mind, we encourage to go with a fixed-price building contract so that client pay fixed price irrespective increase in material and labor cost during the construction.

Design Process

Initial Meeting

At the first consultation meeting, we want to hear all your ideas and dreams you have for your new custom home. We encourage our clients to bring any designs, pictures you have collected, or ideas you have been seen in other luxury houses or even rough sketches that you drew on paper.

Every detail will help us to design a luxury home, especially to fits your lifestyle and needs. We do know our customers may not have a clear idea of what they want. Do not worry, we are here to walk you through every step and design until you feel comfortable. You can proceed to the next step only when you are completely satisfied.

Site visit

If you do not have a site, Do not worry. We are happy to work with you to find one for you. In case if you have one already, we will come to your site and understand the site and its surroundings to help you design and maximize the space you have available. We can also assess any challenges that may lay ahead and discuss various solutions with you.

Concept design

This is one of the steps clients find the most exciting because they can really start to visualize what their new luxury home will look like. As part of our process of designing and building your custom designed home, we first build it as a 3D computer model so you can take a walk through your home before we start construction. We’ll also present a budget estimate at this point.
Once you’re completely happy with the concept plans and designs, we’ll ask you to sign on the agreement and pay a non-refundable contract package fee, which is 5% of the budget estimate.


We’ll take care of all the paperwork for you, including preparing your contract drawings and your contract package. Once you’re happy with everything, you’ll be asked to sign the documentation and pay 10% of the contract price as a preliminary fee. Once we receive the deposit, we will work with engineers and we’ll also arrange all the necessary planning approvals and building permits for your project.

Building Process


Once we’ve completed demolition (in case of the existing house on the site), the meticulous task of building your new luxury home begins. Throughout the project one of our builders and site supervisors will meet regularly with you so that you are kept informed of progress. At this stage, it is important to note that any changes can only be made when customer and builder agree and signoff on change of order form. During construction you will be asked payments as per payment schedule is given to customer along with original package before sign the contract.

Custom home design, design, building


Now it’s time for you to meet our interior designer, who will help you make all your interior and exterior selections. We work closely with you to achieve the look you want.

We are proud to say other builders take inspiration from our luxury display homes, which are always packed with great designs and ideas. And if you’re planning a pool, we’ll draw up the layout for that, too.

Pre-delivery inspection (PDI)

Your new luxury home is finished and it’s time to do a pre-delivery inspection. During this inspection, one of our builders, site supervisor, and customer walks through the entire house to make sure the house is built as agreed. Any issues that need some last-minute attention will be noted on a list that is signed by both parties.


The important day has arrived. We will handover the occupancy permit, all important keys, and handover a package which includes Tarion warranty & customer service information, home owner’s manual, appliances operating procedures, a set of plans, emergency numbers and a 12-month maintenance plan. Remember, in addition to the statutory seven-year warranty period, you can let us know of any issues that arise in the home for up to 12 months from practical completion and we will arrange for our maintenance team to rectify them. For further details please refer to our customer service page for more information.
Now, all that’s left to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your new luxury dream home.

Our design and build process

1. Client signs a contract and gives a deposit of 10% of the contract price to A&R Development Group

We will take a detailed design brief, and arrange a contour survey if required. With every home, we start fresh. Our Designer will produce a detailed concept plan based on your individual needs and budget. Council regulations are considered to ensure a smooth process through the development application stage. The completed concept is presented along with a detailed Budget Estimate of the cost to build, and 3D images of the home. At this point, we will continue to refine the design until you are satisfied to move through to the working drawings stage.

2. Working drawings deposit is paid to A&R Development Group

This is 2% of the quoted cost to build based on the Budget Estimate. A second PPA is signed by both parties. A&R Group completes all documentation to achieve the necessary approvals for the construction of your new home, ie, planning approval, energy rating report, engineering plans, working drawings. The planning application is submitted to the appropriate council. Contracts are drawn up and presented to you (all previous deposits paid prior to contract signing will be credited to you within the contract).

3. Contract is signed

A contract deposit of 5% of the contract sum is paid to A&R Group.

After the contract is signed, you can begin working with our Client Liaison Manager and our Interior Architect on the selections of all fittings and materials we will use to complete your home.

We have a very individual, customized process to fits the client’s needs. We work closely with you to custom design all aspects of your home, from the cabinet layouts in your kitchen, bathrooms, the paint color selections, and even furniture if you would like us too.

4. Construction starts on site

During the construction period, you will have your own key for your home, and you have free access to the site throughout the build. One of our experienced building supervisors will oversee the build process, which will include regular site meetings between clients and our team.

Our owners/directors, Muhammad Khan and Raja Uppuluri work closely with all our staff and will personally be involved in the entire design and build process of your new home.